What is express delivery?

If a brief is marked as express, it will have a shorter deadline and be paid at a higher rate of 10 cents per word.

How does it work?

Express jobs will have a deadline of 48 hours from the time of the content request. For example, if you pick up the job 4 hours after it has been created, then you will have 44 hours remaining to complete the request.

Other than deadlines, express delivery jobs will have the same workflow as standard jobs in the system. However, if a revision is requested, you are expected to return the revision within 24 hours.

To claim an express job, click into the job card from your dashboard, review the job requirements, and click on the claim button from the upper right corner of the job details page.

Once you are ready to submit your content, upload the document as you normally would and submit!

What if I'm a preferred writer and the job is express?

When a customer requests an express job and you are the preferred writer, we will send you an email notification right away! You will have 3 hours to pick up the preferred express job before it goes to the general marketplace.

Preferred express jobs will be paid at 10 cents per word.

What if I miss the deadline?

If you are late for on an express job, you will still be paid for that job, but the job's pay rate will drop to 5 cents per word.

Please be aware that you risk losing the ability to pick up express jobs on the platform if you repeatedly submit content late.

How much will I get paid?

Express jobs will be invoiced at 10 cents per word and paid out in the same manner as standard jobs on Wednesday.

Can deadline or word count adjustments be made?

For express jobs only, writers are unable to request a deadline extension and customers cannot change the word count of a job.

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