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SEO Writing Techniques

Last updated August 15, 2023

Let's discuss the definition of SEO in the content writing world!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that is used to create online visibility for a particular organization. SEO utilizes keywords or key phrases to ensure that content ranks highly in any search engine.

When internet users are looking for something, they often enter a few keywords into the search engine. The first 10 results that appear in any search are likely to receive the most visits. This is the sweet spot clients are looking for, and they need your expertise to get there!

SEO determines the keywords that internet users are most likely to search; therefore, clients strive to incorporate those words into video descriptions, web articles, or picture captions. This makes it possible for their content to rank highly in searches.

Here are top SEO techniques to incorporate in your content creation that will WOW your clients and improve your ratings:

1) Consistent Keyword Usage

Clients will have done their research and request relevant keyword(s) to be used multiple times throughout the article. Be sure to use these words at least 3-5x, and be sure to space them out to prevent the article from being too difficult to read.

2) Page Structure

Utilize Keyword-Rich Titles, Headings, and Subheadings. Effective keywording means placing those words properly on a page listed in outline format. This strategy plays a crucial role in SEO content organization. Clients request defined headings and subheadings in their briefs to ensure the content can be used.

For example, you write a blog entitled “Hiking Gear Essentials for Beginners.”

Your chosen keyword is “hiking gear.”

The title of the page should match the URL and serve as the H1, or main heading.

H1: How does Hiking Gear Improve Your Next Outdoor Trip?

Your H2 headings can also utilize the main keyword, but in different ways, so you can try to rank for long-tail keywords of three words or longer.

H2: What Hiking Gear is Needed for Different Terrains and Locations?

Not only does this subheading offer a relevant question to your target audience, but it also gives you a chance to showcase the apparel someone needs on a hike.

Subheading: What should I wear as a beginning hiker?

3) Embedded Links

External links or backlinks are a core ranking factor in Google and other search engines. Having high-quality embedded links is a significant SEO boost. Adding hyperlinks to the clients' website, along with other relevant links to their content, can elevate their site to the next level. Not only does this make the article more credible and legitimate, but it also is more impactful in search rankings.

Links from other sites play a crucial role in determining the ranking of a website in search engines. A link is considered to be an endorsing quality from other websites, since they are unlikely to link to other websites of inferior quality. In Google, websitesthat get links from other authoritative websites gain a “PageRank,” or authority.

4) Visuals

While writing good content is key to ensuring SEO success, incorporating visuals in your SEO strategy can add to the benefits. According to  research , SEO techniques that incorporate visuals are 94% more likely to get more views when compared with those that do not use any sort of images. Clients prefer that you include 1 or 2 images in the content to increase traffic to their articles.

Of course, we are writers and not graphic designers! So please be sure to find free images, and provide the hyperlink in your document. Clients will be sure to thank you for adding images that are high resolution and relevant to the topic

5) Captivating Your Audience

Despite the emphasis on capturing the attention of the GoogleBot Overlords, you still need to focus on the human element of your content. Put content on your website that your target audience wants to read. You ensure that anyone that visits your content can get factual and beneficial information.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that people love reading things that are easy to skim through. Create content that is succinct, yet high quality which you can learn about in our  Style Guide .

Lastly, have fun!

Incorporating SEO techniques in your content is a way to improve your skills and enhance your writing so that you can grow as a writer and continue to make clients happy.

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