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Job Types

Last updated August 15, 2023

There are a few different job types you may come across in your Draft dashboard:

  1. Jobs exclusively for you
  2. New customer jobs
  3. Other jobs

What are jobs exclusively for you?

  • Preferred jobs (you've worked with this customer in the past, they loved your work, and they want to keep working with you) - All future briefs will go be sent to you and the other preferred writers on the team first to claim or reject their briefs.

You'll see these jobs highlighted green in your dashboard. You'll also receive an email whenever one of these jobs becomes available.

Youmust take action on these jobs, by either claiming or rejecting them. If you're interested but the deadline isn't good fit, ask for a deadline adjustment or reach out to support if the option isn't there.

Job Types

What are new customer jobs?

New Customer Jobs are jobs coming in from new customers on Draft and have a yellow bar on the left side of their posting.

They don't have a preferred writer yet so if you're interested in the topic and claim their first article, you might continue to work with them in the future.

These jobs are sometimes offered with additional compensation.

What are other jobs?

Other Jobs refer to other jobs available on our platform that are from existing customers.

We recommend using our filtering function on the right side of the writer dashboard to find the right jobs for your expertise, schedule, and other requirements.

Job Types

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