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Last updated August 15, 2023

How to fill out your Writer Profile under My Account > Profile and Job Preferences.


  • Input your full name.
  • Your first name and only the first letter of your last name will be shown to customers. Your last name will never be displayed to customers.
  • Your name must match your bank account on file.

The About section is a great opportunity to share your background and a summary of your writing expertise. This section is shown to customers when you claim their jobs and can provide them with deeper learnings of who you are, your writing strengths, and your accomplishments.

Writer Profile
Writer Profile

Job Preferences

Writer Profile


Input your city and country of residency.

Dialects & Languages

Select your preferred (and/or native) English dialect(s) and other languages you may be fluent in writing. This will influence the jobs shown to you featuring different dialects and be useful for future services on our platform.

Skills and Services

Select your preferred content types. For example, those you've created most often or those you feel most comfortable creating. This will not limit your capability to work on other content types in the marketplace.

Topic Interests

Select up to 5 of your preferred areas of expertise. For example, the ones you're most knowledgeable about or have the most experience in. This will not limit your capability to work on other topics in the marketplace.

Please note that these sections can be adjusted at any time. When complete, click Save.

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