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Account Restrictions

Last updated September 24, 2023

In some cases, your account may be flagged for:

  • Going overdue on deadlines multiple times
  • Delivering work that consistently needs revisions or rewrites
  • Reassigning work 12 hours or less before it's due
  • Quality problems (grammatical/spelling errors, not adhering to the brief)
  • Plagiarism

In these cases, our app puts your account on probation, and you are notified of the specific reasons for it by our Writer Success Team.

What happens when my account is restricted?

The app limits the amount of new work you can see so our team can reassess your work and get in touch with you for feedback.

We reach out within 24 hours of your account being placed on restriction to explain the specific reason.

You still have access to continuing your work on your claimed content in your 'In Progress' tab. You can finish it your work and we will invoice you for it as normal.

Our Writer Success team will review your content and performance, and then get in touch with you with 7 business days.

Throughout the process, you can message us to get more information, and we encourage you to communicate openly with us so we can provide the right coaching, time management, and any other suggestions you may need.

What if I went overdue too often?

Please get in touch with our team to explain what happened so we can help you.

Some of the frequent problems we see are: time management and claiming too many jobs. We can offer advice specific to your situation to help you move forward.

Best practice tips:

  • Don't claim more work than you believe you can handle
  • Please review content briefs in depth before claiming work
  • If you need deadline adjustments, request them at least 24 hours before the job is due so our team has the time to make these adjustments
  • Use tools like Trello and planners to create your schedule
  • If you believe you'll go overdue on content, please communicate with us so we can take note of it and notifying the client
  • Use the request clarification feature it you need more information on a job.

What if I reassigned work at the last minute?

Please explain what the problem was so we can help you. Our clients count on us to deliver the work by the specified deadline, so last-minute reassignments cause significant delays, particularly if you're this customer's preferred writer.

Sporadic reassignments are not a problem.

However, if your account has been placed on limited access because of frequent last-minute reassignments, we encourage you to reach out via live chat so we can get your feedback and discuss strategies to help you in the future.

Best practice tips:

  • Review briefs in detail before claiming the work
  • If you need to reassign work, please aim to do so 24 hours of claiming the job or before the specified deadline (at the latest)

What if there were quality issues with my content?

Our Writer Success Team will notify you of the specific jobs and issues that have occurred so you understand the context and can provide your feedback.

We encourage you to communicate with our team. While we may not be able to provide in-depth editing feedback, we do our best to point out how you can improve in the future.

Best practice tips:

  • Adhere to the brief closely
  • Proofread your work for clarity, structure, and spelling/grammatical/dialect errors before submitting it
  • Make sure your content isn't plagiarized

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