You've arrived! And now it's time to claim work. Check out the rest of this page to learn how to navigate your dashboard and useful tips to enhance your writing experience!

New Tab

You are able to start claiming and completing customer jobs on our marketplace under the “New” tab. NOTE: New jobs aren't assigned to you specifically; they're available for all writers. You're not obligated to accept any of these jobs. Our platform is all about setting your own pace!

1. Click the blue arrow for more information about each job.

2. You'll then see the deadline, word count, and other important details at the top of the page. Please ensure you claim jobs that you're able to complete on time.

3. To officially claim a job, click the “Claim” button at the bottom of the job page.

Claimed Tab

This tab shows all of the jobs that you have claimed and they are directly assigned to you only. You can click each job to open them when you need to refer to the brief while they are in progress.

Completed Tab

This is your history tab of all your completed work. The jobs are categorized by their payment date. You can refer to this tab to check the payment cycles for each job and see when you will get paid for each week.

Other useful tips:

1. At the top right side of the page of the dashboard home page, you can filter through available jobs for job types and topics that interest you, as well as the length of the jobs.

2. For even more personalized job recommendations, fill out your writer profile at My Account > Profile.

3. Going on vacation to relax and recharge? Update your status to Away mode under your Profile settings. Preferred jobs will be sent to the Marketplace and new jobs will not appear in the new tab, letting you step away from work and email notifications completely!

Please note that this will not negatively affect your relationship with clients as they are fully aware that it is not a guarantee that a preferred writer will take on their work 100% of the time.

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