How to fill out your Writer Profile in My Account -> Profile.

First & Last Name

Your first name and only the first letter of your last name will be shown to customers. Your last name will never be displayed to customers.

Dialect, Expertise & Sample


Select your preferred (or native) dialect. This will not affect your ability to claim jobs featuring different dialects.

Areas of expertise

Select your preferred areas of expertise. For example, the ones you're most knowledgeable about or have the most experience in. This will not affect your ability to claim or be invited to jobs in different areas of expertise, and you can always adjust this section.

Preferred content types

Select your preferred content types. For example, those you've created most often or those you feel most comfortable creating. This will not limit your availability for jobs in the marketplace.

Content sample

We recommend using an introduction of your sample choice for this section.

When you're done, click 'Update Profile.'


1. What if my area of expertise isn't there?

We try to accommodate different expertise types, but it's possible we may have missed some. Please reach out to us via live-chat.

2. Will this information affect my ability to claim different work?

No, it won't. It'll only help us send more relevant jobs your way, but you'll still be able to see other work, as well.

3. Can I use links in my content sample?

No, you cannot use links in your content sample, nor can you link out to portfolios outside of the platform at this moment.

4. What does the customer see?

They only see your first name and the first letter of your last name

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