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What should I do if a job isn't clear?
What should I do if a job isn't clear?
Unclear brief? Need more clarification? Here's what you should do.
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If this is for a job you've already claimed or one that you're a preferred writer for, use the in-app messaging feature on the job details page to directly reach out to the customer and ask clarification. We recommend reaching out to customers as soon as possible so you're able to complete the job before the deadline.

If the client doesn't respond within 1 working day, reach out to us via live chat or email us at [email protected]

If you're looking at an available job and feel the job isn't clear: reach out to us on live-chat and let us know. We'll then be able to grab more details from the customer to help make the brief clearer. When reaching out to us, just pass along the questions or details you feel are missing in the brief right now.

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