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Writer Ratings

Last updated July 10, 2023

At Draft, we want you to grow as a writer. That’s why our rating system is designed to be an important measure of quality in order for you to stay consistent in delivering great content for clients. The better your score, the more opportunity you have to gain more clients and make more income.

As a writer, your overall writer rating is displayed on the top right corner of the navigation menu and is something only you can see on the dashboard. Your rating is calculated by taking the average (mean) of all rated jobs that you completed.

Writer Ratings

How does a rating work?

After you complete a job, we allow customers to give a singular star rating (from 1-5) with options to select feedback tags and submit open text feedback.

Writer Ratings

Here’s what customers look for to rate a content piece 5 out of 5 stars:

  • Creativity: Your writing is informative and provides actionable results
  • Structure/Flow: Grammar is top-notch. You only hand in work after you’ve double-checked it
  • Adherence to the brief: Do a thorough check of the specifications and follow them to a T
  • Communication with clients: You communicate if you have any questions/clarify their needs
  • Timeliness: Your work is delivered on time

Check out this article  "How can I get a good rating as a writer?" to learn more about how to succeed on Draft.

How do I see individual job ratings?

To find out if a client has rated your content, navigate to the 'Completed' content tab. Please keep in mind that clients are not required to rate the content they receive. If your article has been rated, you'll see stars next to it in the Completed tab view:

Writer Ratings

Click through on the job to see details. On the right-hand side, you'll see the details:

  • Star rating (1-5)
  • Applicable tags (optional)
  • Additional feedback (optional)

If the client selected one of the tags, it'll be filled in with color such as the 'Well Researched' and 'Detailed' ones below.

Writer Ratings

What if the client didn't provide additional feedback?

Unfortunately, selecting tags and providing additional feedback isn't mandatory. Note that we are always aiming between 4.5-5.0 stars to deem a content piece with a high-quality individual rating.

What if I believe the client is violating ToS and netiquette with their feedback?

Please reach out to support. We don't tolerate offensive behavior on our platform. Let us know and we can review their feedback.

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