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Revision Requests

Last updated July 10, 2023

On Draft, customers can request adjustments to the completed piece you've sent their way. This can be for:

  • Errors in the piece you've submitted such as missing brief details or grammatical/spelling mistakes. This can include complete rewrites if there's a strong mismatch between what was requested and what you've submitted (in such cases it's good to reach out to live-chat so we can help assess as well).
  • Adjustments to the final piece to help shape it up to what they're looking for such as correcting the style/tone, or elaborating on a specific point in the brief

What revisions don't cover

Revision requests aren't intended to build on an existing brief. If the customer is asking for additional points to be covered that weren't part of the original brief, please reach out to the Draft team via live-chat so we can help assess and see if the ask is reasonable or requires additional compensation.

Where will I find revision comments?

If a revision request comes through for a job you've completed, you'll receive an email notification and the job will now be placed back in your Claimed view.

Revision Requests

In the job details, you'll notice the revision comments are added to the Description of the job.

You can then download the original piece, make edits, and then upload and submit the same way you'd do with a regular job you've claimed.

Revision Requests

Am I paid for revisions extra?

Revision requests aren't compensated extra. They're meant to be revisions/adjustments to an existing job and need to be justified as either minor corrections OR a clear miss in the original brief that needs to covered by you.

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