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Communicating with clients

Last updated July 10, 2023

Frequent and clear communication with clients is critical to successfully completing jobs and receiving good ratings. Communication with clients outside the platform is against our policy. At times when you need to request access to google docs, we encourage you to request clients to make the link public without providing your email address when possible. Here are some tips to ensure you and the customer are on the same page.

Use our in-app messaging feature

After claiming a job, you can send a message to the customer on the left-hand side of the job details page. Use this to ask questions about the brief or to learn more about what the customer's expecting from the job. Both you and the customer will receive an email when a message is sent, so make sure that emails from Draft aren't being delivered to your spam folder. We recommend messaging clients as early as possible to avoid any delays in completing the job.

Communicating with clients

Unresponsive clients

Some clients might not be responsive in the messaging feature. If you find yourself blocked from completing the job because you need clarification, please reach out to our support team. We recommend waiting 24 hours after you send a message to the customer before reaching out to us. We'll attempt to contact the customer to answer your questions and will adjust the job deadline accordingly.

If the client remains unresponsive by the designated deadline, the best course of action is to submit what you have as a first draft and let them know in the chat of the difficulties you ran into. They will then provide the information needed through a revision request.

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