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What to expect from Draft content

Last updated July 10, 2023

The basics

Draft is a marketplace of hundreds of active content writers. We're constantly adding new writers and quality-controlling our pool of existing writers.

We use a matching algorithm to get your brief in front of the best writers to take it on, but finding the right writers for your content is very much an iterative process.

Our content is fully ghostwritten, meaning you retain full ownership of any content you create. Writers are not allowed to share the work they do or make contact with you or your clients outside of the platform.

What content formats can I request?

Our rule of thumb is that if it's a written format, we can do it for you (unless it's one of our banned content topics i.e. academic or political).

Our writers predominantly write blog posts, so this is certainly our strong suit. With that said, we do frequently write social copy, email copy, landing page copy, and product descriptions.

We also write longer-form content such as eBooks, but the outcome can vary based on the complexity of your subject matter.

How can I get quality content?

You should expect to need to try out at least 2-3 writers during your trial period to land on your first preferred writer! If you don't like your first article, don't panic. They're likely not the perfect fit and you should give it another go.

Once you find that preferred writer (and more than one from there!) it's smooth sailing.

How specialized are your writers?

A question we often get is how specialized our writers are on certain topics or niches.

To cover the broad range of topics and formats our customers request, we mostly employ generalist writers.

This means that your very technical or specific topic might not be the best fit for our marketplace, however, we do have specialized clients that end up finding a writer that works for them!

Can Draft writers do SEO?

Our writers are expected to have a basic understanding and ability to apply SEO principles.

Please specify the main keyword you need to use in your article and provide any specific guidelines your company has.

Note that it's unlikely that our writers will be comfortable working off of a long list of keywords (i.e. more than 5) or complex SEO guidelines.

Can I expedite my content requests?

At this time, we don't offer expedited requests. The timelines you see reflected on the platform are standardized and we can't guarantee delivery prior to then.

We highly recommend working ahead on your content plans to avoid running short on time! TIP: You can submit all of your work for the month at the start.

Key takeaway

Our best piece of advice: give 2-4 writers a try with your 4,000 risk-free words and see if this is the right solution for you! If you like one or more, set them as preferred writers and you're well on your way to a well-oiled content machine.

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