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How is a job routed to writers on Draft?

Last updated August 15, 2023

If you have a Preferred Writer

If you have one or more Preferred Writers, your jobs will get routed to them first. The benefit of having a Preferred Writer is that they’ll have the chance to learn more about you and become more and more familiar with your business over time.

If you don’t have a Preferred Writer yet

If you don’t have any Preferred Writers yet or if no Preferred Writer is able to claim your job, your jobs are routed to a pool of our top tier writers (4.7 star average and above). If nobody in that pool can pick up your request it will be moved to the general marketplace. We then find the perfect writer for your needs.

We take away all the heavy-lifting of sourcing writers — including vetting, hiring, and managing them. Instead, get matched with your perfect writer faster.

The importance of rating your content

After reviewing the content you have received, make sure you rate that content piece. This helps us understand your preferences and route your future jobs to writers you enjoy working with.

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