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Creating Template Briefs

Last updated September 27, 2023

Draft now allows you to save your content briefs as templates to easily use them again and fill in the gaps.

This will help you save time having to pre populate specific brief information again and again if your content requests have consistent information in them (e.g. overview of your brand, links to specific resources, etc.)

You can access saved Templates here:  https://app.draft.co/saved/templates 

Creating Template Briefs

Here's how to create a Template:

1. Any content request can be saved to your  Saved Ideas  folder by hitting the 'Save and Close' button :

Creating Template Briefs

2. These saved ideas can be converted into Templates:

Creating Template Briefs

3. You can then create content requests from your Templates folder or from the unfinished briefs option at the start of a content request flow:

From Templates folder:

Creating Template Briefs

From Request Flow:

Creating Template Briefs

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