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Can I cancel anytime?

Last updated August 24, 2023

Our monthly subscriptions can be cancelled anytime! You can cancel your subscription yourself on your  Subscriptions page  (full instructions below).

If you're on usage based pricing, no need to cancel. You won't be charged again unless you decide to purchase more words in future. If you need your account fully deleted, please contact  privacy@draft.co .

For annual plans, please note you can't cancel before the year is up and receive a pro-rated credit for any unused months on your subscription. These are one-year commitments and we can set your subscription to change at the end of this 12 month period. Please contact  support@draft.co  for help.

Want to pause instead and come back later?

If you're currently on a subscription plan, head to your  Subscriptions page  and select "Cancel". This will move you to our usage based pricing model that has no recurring fees and you can simply purchase more words whenever you're ready.

You can continue to work through any words you currently have. Contact  support@draft.co  if you need help making this change!

If you're already on usage based pricing, no need to do anything. You won't be charged until you purchase another block of words.

Want to cancel?

No problem! Head to your  Subscriptions page  and select "Cancel" and you'll be moved off of your subscription plan and receive no further recurring charges.

Please note that you have 1 year from your cancellation date to use any remaining words in your quota unless you're on our free trial, in which case, you will lose access to your words immediately.

In Progress content will be completed, and you'll have access to all Completed pieces even after your subscription ends (unless cancelling a free trial).

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