What is a good overall rating?

Although content evaluation is subjective and depends on each client, we've found that between 4.5 and 5.0 star ratings are an overall good benchmark of quality and meet the client's standards as a writer.

At Draft, quality has three components:

  1. Truly listening to the client’s needs within the brief

  2. Creating actionable, fun and informative content

  3. Delivering high quality, well-structured work on time

What if I get a low rating from an individual customer?

We want to help you stay consistent with your quality. If you do receive a low rating, it will affect your overall average. At Draft, we do keep tabs on ratings to ensure that our clients are getting the best quality content. If your overall ratings continue to consistently drop below a certain threshold, we will review your account and place it on hold temporarily.

How can I improve my rating if it starts to drop?

We believe that writer quality can get better and better. If you do receive a poor quality score, make note of any highlighted areas that need improvement and review customer feedback. You can also review our guide on How to Succeed as a Writer with Draft or Style Guide.

Can I dispute ratings?

Unfortunately, there are no set processes for disputing ratings at the moment. However, you can reach out via live chat and you'll be directed to our Writer Operations Team who can reassess the situation if needed, and note your concern.

What if none of my content has been rated?

Clients aren’t required to rate content they receive, so it's possible that many of your jobs don’t have ratings. This is nothing to worry about but if you have any additional questions, please reach out to us via live-chat.

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