Signing up and requesting content is super easy and takes a few minutes. Once you create an account, you'll get access to your Draft dashboard.

Here you'll:

  1. Create content briefs. The Briefs tool will guide you through the essential information we need to make the writer successful. At the end of the brief process, you'll have the chance to pay for your request or purchase words.

  2. Your brief gets matched with the best writer to take it on at that time. You can message them directly through the platform and track their progress. If your writers have any questions along the way, they'll reach out to you here for clarification.

    Here are our average turnaround times:

Word Count

Standard Turnaround Time


4 days


5 business days


9 days (7 business days)


13 days (11 business days)

3. The writer drafts your content request and once they're done, the job will appear under "Ready for Review." If you need to make any revisions, you'll do so here. Unlimited revisions are included in the original price of the brief.

4. After reviewing the content you have received, make sure you rate the writer. This helps our algorithm understand your preferences and route your future jobs to the writer you enjoy working with.

5. If you really liked the writer's work, be sure to set them as a preferred writer!

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