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Maker AI is now Draft AI

Last updated October 11, 2023

Introducing Draft AI: The New Name of Maker AI

We’re excited to announce a name that more authentically reflects our mission and core values - Maker AI is now Draft AI.

In the early days, Maker AI was born out of the ambition to empower creators with the tools they needed to automate and expedite their processes. However, as we evolved, it became clear that our venture was about more than just making—it was about drafting the future of AI-assisted creation.

Drafting indicates the preliminary stage of creating, where ideas are conceived and iterated upon. It's the bridge between the abstract and the concrete, the imagined and the realized. Draft AI embodies this spirit of creation, fostering a platform where ideas are not only born but nurtured and refined.

While our name has changed, our commitment to delivering a robust platform for creators remains steadfast. Draft AI continues to be a space where creativity meets technology, enabling a seamless blend of human intuition with AI capabilities.

We believe that this rebranding will resonate more with our community and better represent the collaborative nature of our platform. Rest assured, all the features and services you’ve come to rely on will remain, with the same team behind the wheel, driving innovation.

Discover the refreshed brand at our new online home:  https://draft.co/ai 

Our journey thus far has been remarkable, and we’re thrilled for what’s ahead as Draft AI. Your unwavering support and engagement have fueled our evolution, and we’re eager to continue this adventure together, under a name that mirrors the essence of what we are building.

Welcome to Draft AI – where your ideas take flight.

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