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Quick Tips on How to Succeed on the Draft Platform

Last updated August 15, 2023

At Draft, we want to help you succeed and grow as a writer. As you grow your writing skills with us, you will be able to see more work, putting more money in your pocket each week!

Here are some tips we sourced from new writers on the platform on how to create5 star work:

  1. Claim the right work: Review the brief and only claim work that you feel comfortable completing.
  2. Follow the brief: A customer fills out a brief to cover their expectations of the content. Make sure to include all the key elements requested when writing.
  3. Spelling and Grammar: Before submitting to the customer, be sure to proofread your work for spelling and grammar.
  4. Create a solid structure and narrative: Craft a strong intro in the piece and make sure the article flows properly. Include transitions and end with a strong call to action.
  5. Cite your sources: Always be sure to cite your sources as we have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism.
  6. Meet and exceed your deadlines: By hitting your deadlines, you not only provide excellent service but build trust with our clients.

These tips should have you delivering 5 star content in no time, feel free to also check out our pages on the basics of  SEO  and our  Style Guide .

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