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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated August 24, 2023

How does it work?

It takes 30 seconds to  sign up  for a Draft account and get access to your content creation dashboard.

Here you'll:

  1. Create content briefs. The platform will guide you through the information we need to make the writer successful.
  2. Your brief gets matched with the best writer to take it on at that time and you can message them directly through the platform and track their progress. Here are our average turnaround times, please note these can vary based on complexity:
Word CountDraft Standard Turnaround Time
3004 days
10005 business days
20009 days (7 business days)
300013 days (11 business days)

3. The writer drafts your content request and once they're done, we'll send this back to you. If you'd like any revisions made, you can do so free of charge! If we have any questions along the way we'll reach out to you for clarification.

What types of content do you create?

The writers at Draft can take on a variety of content formats, essentially anything written. Primarily we handle blog posts, social posts, web page copy, and marketing emails.

Our writers have experience in a range of content so if there's something specific you're looking for, email us at  support@draft.co  or shoot us a message on chat and we'll see if we can help you with your specific content needs!

How many pieces of content will I get?

You can break up your word quota however you like depending on how many pieces you need.

There's no limit to the number of requests you can make - as long as you have enough word quota. Please note that the minimum request length is 300 words.

How long can the pieces of content be?

As long as you want them!

The longer the content you require, the more time it takes to write.

Do keep in mind if you exceed your word quota you'd be billed overage rates to send through the request and have a writer work on it.

If you're looking for multiple pieces to be completed, our recommendation is to submit them as separate requests so they can be done in parallel by our writers and delivered back to you faster.

Do you do research and/or include images?

We do preliminary research on all content using publicly available information and include sources for any facts or statistics we quote. Please specify your requirements for citations if applicable.

Draft provides royalty-free image sourcing for your content when requested, using popular websites such as unsplash.com. Please specify if you need images.

Do you offer edits or revisions?

Creating perfect content the first time can be tough, so we offer free revisions on any content you receive in case you'd like some tweaks. Our goal is to get you content that you're happy with and delivers value to your readers!

Draft revises existing content you want to be reworked as well - you can submit this as a Proofreading request.

How do you control for quality?

Draft has a community of highly-vetted writers who can cover a variety of content topics.

Our writers don’t have to spend time on typical freelancer pain points like finding clients, sending pitches, and managing contracts and payments. Instead, they can choose content requests they feel confident in and focus on the writing.

Aside from a strict recruitment and onboarding process, we:

  • Quality control our marketplace and offboard writers who aren't receiving high enough client ratings.
  • Leverage a constantly-improving matching algorithm to get your content in front of the best writers to take it on.
  • Offer revisions should you have any issues with the content you receive.
  • Run content through various measures, including readability and plagiarism checks.
  • Ensure any writers you liked are added as preferred writers, helping to ensure consistency in tone, voice, and quality.

Do I own the content you've created?

100%! Draft is a ghostwriting service and as soon as we've delivered the content to you, you'll have full ownership of it. We will not republish, recycle, or distribute the content we've created for you with anyone.

Is there a minimum contract?

Nope! There's no commitment at all! If you sign-up within our 30-day money back guarantee period you can request a full refund if you were unhappy as long as you haven't requested more than 4,000 words of content.

We're proud of the work we do and only want you to stick around if you're happy with the quality you're getting, with no hidden fees or locked-in contracts.

Do you charge in USD?

All prices listed are in USD and are amounts before applicable taxes. For Canadian customers, you will be charged GST/HST in addition to the listed price.

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